4 Technologies that are changing Digital Marketing (Part 2)

We continue to explore the technologies that will revolutionize the Digital Marketing.


Don´t freak out. It´s just that always we talk about Artificial inteligence... nevermind, let´s focus on the subject.

Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence whose aim is to develop processes  by which computers can learn.

This is about creating programs that can generalize behaviours from certain information given by examples. Leaving technicisms aside, it is therefore a process of induction to knowledge. The applications are infinite: from search engines to DNA sequence classification. From voice recognition to stock market analysis.

What really matters is that thenks to Machine Learning, we are able to obtain more relevant information, faster and that allow us to take better decisions.

In a world where knowledge is massify, consumers get more sophisticated day by day, to a point where a big problem that is observed in several studies, is that resources are just not enough to give customers the experiences they demans.

The problem is serious. While expectations rise, the breach between expected products and services and the reality gets bigger: More customization, more options, higher levels of contact, more quality, etc. Are just some of the tendencies that are observed and affect almost every industry.

The complexity of the market is such, that is very easy to fall into desperation. Paradoxically, the most important thing is to understand that the objective is still the same: create superior experiences for the customers. This does not mean to step aside from traditional techniques, but stop repiting them as magic formulas and interiorize them so deeply that we can evolve. A great handling of the basic fundamentals is recquired to came out of the comfort zone and experiment new ideas, formats and technologies.

As it is expected, giants from the industry like Microsoft, Facebook, Quora, AirBnB or Google uses Machine Learning for diverse functions.

Examples of Machine Learning abound arround us in our everyday life. Just to mention some of them:

  • Airbnb: Machine Learning helps houses owners to set the best price for their properties thanks to their "Price-Tips". Watch Here.
  • Face detection in our smartphones.
  • Our Antiviruses use Machine Learning to scan for threats.
  • IBM and their "Watson" supercomputer join GM to turn the"OnStar" system of their vehicles into the first intelligent platform of the world, recognizing patterns and preferences of the drivers to display advertisement and services from brands like MarterCard, iHeartRadio, etc. More applications of "Watson" in the video below.


A new (programmatic) adventure

So here we are. Started this adventure in the pursue of a dream: The dream of helping brands to make better advertising campaigns in the digital world.

4 Technologies that are changing Digital Marketing (Part 1)

Every time we talk about Digital Marketing innovation we thougt we´re dealing with something that is in a future far away than what actually is.

4 Technologies that are changing Digital Marketing (Part 2)

We continue to explore the technologies that will revolutionize the Digital Marketing.