4 Technologies that are changing Digital Marketing (Part 2)

We continue to explore the technologies that will revolutionize the Digital Marketing.

Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence whose aim is to develop processes by which computers can learn.

This is about creating programs that can generalize behaviours from certain information given by examples. Leaving technicisms aside, it is therefore a process of induction to knowledge. The applications are infinite: from search engines to DNA sequence classification. From voice recognition to stock market analysis.

4 Technologies that are changing Digital Marketing (Part 1)

Every time we talk about Digital Marketing innovation we thougt we´re dealing with something that is in a future far away than what actually is. We´re still interiorizing last year changes and have to start digesting the current year changes. Things happen that fast. Studies estimate that by the year 2020 fifty billion devices (!!) will...

A new (programmatic) adventure

So here we are. Started this adventure in the pursue of a dream: The dream of helping brands to make better advertising campaigns in the digital world. This will be the first of many (we hope) posts where we could share our ideas, achievements, knowledge and more. For now all we have is enthusiasm, energy and...